Dedication across the board
Annual Report 2012

Consolidated Financial Statements


Zhaikmunai LP is a Limited Partnership formed on 29 August 2007 pursuant to the Partnership Act 1909 of the Isle of Man. Zhaikmunai LP is registered in the Isle of Man with registered number& 295P.

The registered address of Zhaikmunai LP is: 7th Floor, Harbour Court, Lord Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 4LN.

These consolidated financial statements were authorized for issue by Kai-Uwe Kessel, Chief Executive Officer of the General Partner of Zhaikmunai LP and by Jan-Ru Muller, Chief Financial Officer of the General Partner of Zhaikmunai LP on 12 March 2013.

These consolidated financial statements include the results of the operations of Zhaikmunai LP ("Patnership") and its wholly owned subsidiaries Zhaikmunai Netherlands B.V. (formerly Frans Van Der Schoot B.V.), Zhaikmunai Finance B.V., Zhaikmunai International B.V., Claydon Industrial Limited ("Claydon"), Jubilata Investments Limited ("Jubilata"), Zhaikmunai LLP and Condensate Holdings LLP ("Condensate"). Zhaikmunai LP and its subsidiaries are hereinafter referred to as "the Group". The Group's operations comprise of a single operating segment and are primarily conducted through its oil and gas producing entity Zhaikmunai LLP located in Kazakhstan. The General Partner of Zhaikmunai LP is Zhaikmunai Group Limited, which is responsible for the management of the Group (Note 4).

Zhaikmunai LLP carries out its activities in accordance with the Contract for Additional Exploration, Production and Production-Sharing of Crude Hydrocarbons in the Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field (the "Contract") dated October 31, 1997 between the State Committee of Investments of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Zhaikmunai LLP in accordance with the license MG No. 253D (the "License") for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in Chinarevskoye oil and gas condensate field.

On August 17,2012 Zhaikmunai LLP signed Asset Purchase Agreements to acquire 100% of the subsoil use rights related to three oil and gas fields -Rostoshinskove Darjinskove and Yuzhno-Gremvachinskove - all located in the Western Kazakhstan region.

Licence terms

The term of the license of Zhaikmunai LLP  originally included a 5 year exploration period and a 25 year production period. The exploration period was initially extended for an additional 4 years and then for a further 2 years according to the supplements to the Contract dated January 12, 2004 and June 23, 2005, respectively. In accordance with the supplement dated June 5, 2008, Tournaisian North reservoir entered into production period as at January 1, 2007. Following additional commercial discoveries during 2008, the exploration period under the license, other than for the Tournaisian horizons, was extended for an additional 3 year period, which expired on May 26, 2011. An application for further extension has been made.

The extensions to the exploration periods have not changed the license term, which will expire in 2031.

Royalty payments

Zhaikmunai LLP is required to make monthly royalty payments throughout the entire production period, at the rates specified in the Contract. Royalty rates depend on recovery levels and the phase of production and can vary from 3% to 7% of produced crude oil and from 4% to 9% of produced natural gas.

Government "profit share"

Zhaikmunai LLP makes payments to the Government of its "profit share" as determined in the Contract. The "profit share" depends on hydrocarbon production levels and varies from 10% to 40% of production after deducting royalties and reimbursable expenditures. Reimbursable expenditures include operating expenses, costs of additional exploration and development costs. Government "profit share" is expensed as incurred and paid in cash.